Welcome to Dasco

In 1964 DASCO – Ducting & Servicing Co. was established to meet the market demand of Air Inlets & Outlets and Air Filters with revolutionary engineering designs at that time and kept developing ever since to become a leading manufacturer of HVAC supplies in the region. The company is currently established on an area of approximately 18,000 sq. m. including factories, administration offices and showrooms.

Company Founder

Abdul Husain Mohammed Rafie Marafie (b. 1935) is the eldest son of the Founder. Like his father, he is a successful businessman and a highly respected figure in Kuwait.After many years of study in India from a young age, Abdul Husain travelled extensively in Europe and America.
Dasco ADD (Air Distribution Devices) covers the widest range of today’s HVAC applications where a variety of Air Inlets and Outlets are produced in all sizes to meet the market demand.. Architectural appearance has been an important...
Dasco, Ducting & Servicing Company started its Air Conditioning Division in the year 1998 and is a market leader since then. During this period we have achieved great success in all field of Air conditioning at all the levels including the government...
Air filters of complete aluminium construction gives the filters, the quality of easy handling and light weight than heavier metallic filters. Filter frames are made of extruded aluminium profiles.
DASCO Company has expanded a superior commercial activity, by exhibiting a wide range of various engineering and commercial products from leading manufacturers worldwide.
Powder coating is a dry finishing process, using finely ground particles of pigment and resin that are generally electrostatic ally charged and sprayed onto electrically grounded parts.