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Posted On: 01-Jan-1970

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Part Time

Job Description

Experience : 1 to 5 year

HTML/CSS skills
If you hope to become a web developer, you must understand HTML and CSS. HTML is the most used markup language across the web, and web developers use it to create web pages on the Internet. CSS, on the other hand, is used to style the website. It's responsible for the choice of fonts, colors and layout in a website's design. Whereas HTML lays the foundation for a webpage, CSS styles it.

Responsive design skills
If you work as a web developer, it's important to understand how responsive design works. Because many people view webpages both online and on their mobile devices, the websites you create need to adapt to the changing screen sizes. If your website isn't responsive, this means it won't be compatible with either the desktop site or the mobile site. In other words, it won't function or show up properly on either of these platforms. Your ability to create a responsive design can also impact the number of visitors a website gets since most people are deterred from a website when it's not displaying properly.

JavaScript skills
You'll also need to understand JavaScript as a web developer. JavaScript is a high-level programming language that implements complex features onto a website. This involves things like moving elements, search bars, videos or interactive maps on a webpage. In knowing JavaScript, you'll be able to meet higher expectations from your clients in the web development process. Using these skills, you'll be able to reel in more webpage viewers, as well, since the majority of people tend to prefer interactive web pages that grab their attention. Special features go a long way in engaging viewers, and your job as a web developer plays a large role in seeing them come to fruition on a digital screen.