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Powder Coating is a superior color quality that is electro-statically sprayed on any metal surface. In addition to the durable decorative result we get from powder coating, it is also considered as protective finish, resistant to chipping, scratching, fading, and wearing than other finishes.

Dasco is providing high end classy designs with full RAL- customizable colors standards of powder coating service on all Aluminum products for air terminal devices, doors & windows … etc. Using the best polyester powder coating complies with the international standards BS, ISO, DIN, and ASTM.

Also Producing Wooden Knots as in Natural ones Technology Excellence:

It is the only technology replaces wood in classic designs.
Resistant to humidity, unlike natural wood or other painting techniques.
Resistance to high radiation and extreme climatic conditions.
Can be used in painting elaborate geometrical shapes producing perfect quality and aesthetic results.